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30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 6

I’m afraid of….


Flying I will fly but it scares me so much, I’m a mess crying everywhere. 

Heights- Especially walking on the glass at a great height!!! 

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Why Manchester?! Why an Arena full of children?! WTF!!

Living away from my home town (Manchester) is the worst. Knowing you can’t help the people that need help. It was awful. Even though none of my family went to the concert, some of my friends from school did.

The shock and horror around was crazy. Manchester I have always felt safe, no matter when people said its a ‘rough,’ ‘horrible’ place. It isn’t. The community we have, we are always there for each other, if someone needs help, we help. That is MANCHESTER! As you can tell from the videos you have seen online.

Also knowing THAT GUY went to MY college and the boys school that I walked past most days went there. WTF?! Seeing the posts from my friends saying he was holding guns at 12…. Did no-one see this?! you wouldn’t at 12. But now finding out he was on the watch list, shows that the watch list isn’t watched closely enough in my eyes.

I just am stuck for words at what happened. To the families that lost family members, I am heart broken for you. You have the support from all of Manchester.



30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 2

20 Facts About Myself….

1. I have 3 sisters 

2. I lived in Manchester & moved to Reading ( I miss MCR so much) 

3. I have a boyfriend.. 4 years

4. I have a neice and nephew 

5. I am a supervisor at a large company hotel 

6. I’ve been to Florida, France, New York, Italy, Dublin, Belgium, North Carolina, San Diego, Corfu, Portugal. 

7. Im going to Tenerife next year along side Italy 

8. 5* Hotel in Corfu – Grand Mediterranean best hotel I’ve ever been 

9. I don’t trust people easy

10. I lost my nan & grandad and my other grandad too. Along with my uncle

11. I used to love visiting my nan in Blackpool, going to see the lights and get spoilt

12. My mum and dad are my world

13. I want to be as successful as I can 

14. I work hard for what I want, no shortcuts 

15. I would love a dog

16. I would love to be recognised in the beauty world

17. Love to be able to help others to make their dreams happen 

18. I’m going to my first proper wedding next month.. full day and night of my bestest friend!

19. I love a good gin and tonic or a very large red wine 

20. I’m 21. November.