The foundation that helped my skin… 

So before changing my foundation I used Rommel 24 hour liquid foundation. I couldn’t retouch it, wipe my face, cry or do anything. It also made me break out like CRAZY!! 

But then I wanted something to cover all my horrible spots and not come off and show them so I tried Mac. 

As people said “Mac is bad for you skin” well good for you I’m trying it myself! 

So that’s what I did. I bought the foundation and powder. Studio fix fluid – with a spf 15! And the studio fix Powder. 

After about a week or two my face didn’t break out as much and started to clear up. Well I was impressed.

Mac you did it!! 

It’s fake though?!

I decided to buy the Modern Renaissance Pallete by Anastasia Beverly Hills, but not the real one… the fake one! 

I just wanted to see if it would be any good, for the fake one all I paid was £9 including postage. 

For me I can tell this palette is fake, the brush is plastic, the names of the shadows are rubbing off and the cover on the mirror is filthy. 

So what would the swatches and shadows thereself actually be like?!

There is a mixture on the shadows, some feel super creamy and others don’t. The pigment is amazing, but you do get a bit of fall out when putting your brush to the desired colour. 

I will use it now and again because I haven’t got the real one yet, so when I do I’ll be sure to compare them both. But for now I can’t really complain about this palette! 

Just the best travelling partner!

Now we all need good make up that travels well and that we want to take with us. Well for contouring and highlighting you just need to take this one palette!

The shades are super pigmented and work so well with other products and doesn’t have a lot of fall out or dust in the pan of the product.

Shades as it follows are

Ice Queen; highlighter 

Soft Light; pale/white powder

Cream; Banana Colour Powder

Nectar; Nude Powder

Tan, Coffee, Sculpt & Hallow; Contouring shades 

The only colour I can’t use is hallow as it is too dark for my skin. Can use it as a dark brown eye shadow if I needed to!

This palette has everything you need, even for setting the under eye the white powder or banana powder is perfect for that to add the highlight ontop as well. 

The highlight isn’t a subtle highlight either, it’s definelty a strong shining one….

Worth every penny ~ 

MUA LUXE – Lip Lacquer

I am seriously loving this product, for the price being so cheap its amazing! I found this product at Superdrug and thought for a brand I’ve never seen or heard about, will it be any good? To be honest, its better then some high end products. The best part, well which I think the best part is, IT SMELLS SOOOOO GOOD! As soon as you pull the wand out the bottle (or whatever it is) you can instantly smell it, but in such a good way! I’ve never smelt a lip product so good?!

First Swatching The Product…

When I starting swatching this product, I was literally amazing at how pigmented it is! Even in the picture you can see the pigment and the shine just from applying and not even re-dipping!!



Letting It Dry… 

Now I never new this product was like how this product was, usually if a product is matte, it almost come up straight away, but not with this one, you have to let it dry to show the matte colour. Even when it is dried though it is still so pigmented. It doesn’t take long to dry either which is a bonus!


Fully Dry and Removing?! 

Once this product has fully dried, it is still so pigmented then at the beginning. The best part about this product is, once dried it doesn’t smudge, you can swiped your hand over your mouth and not a budge! My own concern is that it is a bit of a struggle to take it off, but I’m sure the all day lip products of other brands are the same!? I suppose it gives you reassurance that you can do whatever the hell you like and you don’t need to worry about topping them lips up or loosing them!! 



Spars Hair Eyebrows?!

So the first probably with my eyebrows as soon as you get to the arch, I start loosing my hair, on this photo you can almost see where the hair stops.

There is no specific reason why I have no hair. I don’t shave them, or over pluck them or anything like that, they seem to just not grow around the arch area. Whereas the front of the brow and under grows like a gorilla.

For this problem I need a product that stays and doesn’t fade away through the day. The only three products I have found that stayed on ALL DAY LONG are Anastasia Beverley Hills Dip Brow Pomade & Brow Whiz and also the NYX Brow Gel. I did find a dupe of the Brow Whiz and thats the Soap & Glory Brow Archery, but because I need a lot of product to fill the areas where I am missing the hairs, I find these two products would be used up quite quickly,  whereas the gels last a long time.

Firstly I come the hairs of which I have and make the eyebrow hairs neat and tidy. then I draw an outline on the bottom of my brow and then on the top and then fill in, I remember to leave a gap at the front, just so you can create a more of a natural looking eyebrow.


£1.74 Highlighter?!

Can a £1.74 highlighter actually be any good?! Well we can only try it… 

Now what did I think?IMG_7689.jpg

The first overall look of the product looks nice and well packaged. As you can tell by the pictures it isn’t as grand packaging as some of the other highlighters that you can buy, but for the price what do you except?


Now to switching the product, my first reaction is that the product doesn’t seem that creamy or that soft. But when I applied the product to the back of my hand, I was actually surprised!

As you can tell from the picture below, you can see that there is a lot of pigment to the product. For the price I wasn’t expecting as much pigment as this. I was expecting to have to build the product up a lot, but I didn’t at all.

So if your on a budget and need a cheap highlight. I would give this ago. When I test it out over my make-up I will be sure to fill you in on a look and how it works on top of products, but for now I am impressed.


Cheap & Cheerful


L.A. Girl, is one of the cheapest, yet excellent brands I know. £3.50 off amazon?! It made me think to, can something that cheap be good? Just because some of the top beauty youtubers say it is, will it be for me?!

This time they were right.

Now why on earth would someone need a bright orange concealer?! This is the shade ‘orange corrector.’ I use this concealer hide my dark circles, I find that using this hides my dark circles all day long, keeps them hidden. It also hides so well under the foundation, the orange colour never comes through either. If you have veiny eyes or dark circles that you can’t cover, I would definitely try this.

Cream contouring can always be a pain if we don’t find a product that wants to work with us. From the swatches below, you can see just how creamy this product is. I use the shade Beautiful Bronze for my cream contouring. I find this is the perfect shade for me, it isn’t orange at all. With using the Real Techniques Contour Brush I find that this product blends out and gives you a perfect looking contour with no steaks or lines where you first applied the concealer as some do. It works well with all foundation makes.

Now for the light concealer, I did want this colour so I could brighten up my under eye area, but the shade Light Ivory, is not light enough for that. So instead, I use it to carve my brows out, this gives me the perfect brow look once they have been carved out, it also gives extra coverage on my skin. The product is super creamy and applies easily to the skin and works well with other products to.

If you are on a budget, this is the perfect concealer to treat yourself to. Your missing out if you don’t!